How could saving positively impact your dreams of travelling the world?

How could saving positively impact your dreams of travelling the world?
23rd December 2021

How could saving positively impact your dreams of travelling the world?

“Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey” – Pat Conroy

Travelling can be a fulfilling journey of self-discovery as each person experiences travelling through a different lens. Travelling means something different to everyone. Going overseas also allows travellers to experience other cultures, traditions, food and weather. Saving before travelling is important because you will need to have enough for tickets, accommodation, food, transport, and anything else you may need or want. Saving even when flight tickets and accommodation is booked is also essential so that you can have more money to spend while on holiday and can experience more of what travelling has to offer.

Tips on saving before travelling:

  1. Apply a savings strategy

    Applying a saving first strategy can be more effective for most savers, especially for those who are big spenders, as you will save first before spending.

  2. Open a saving account for travelling

    Ensure you are well prepared for travelling by opening a saving account and placing money regularly towards your travel abroad.

  3. Cut back on excursions

    Making sacrifices such as declining invitations to go out could make all the difference in saving to go abroad. Emily Andrews, a teaching assistant, says that she and her husband had to decline invitations to go out, such as the cinema, as they were saving to go abroad.

  4. Look out for discounts


    • If you’re a student looking to go abroad, look for student discounts and if you are unsure if somewhere offers a student discount, then ask; for instance, museums have discounts for students though they may not advertise it.
    • Or if you’re a senior, look out for discounts on transport and other schemes which may offer discounts to those in their senior years.
    • For those who are somewhere in-between; there is sometimes hidden discounts hidden away waiting to be discovered. So, seek, and you shall find.


  5. Download the Intellisaving Saving app

    Intellisaving is a smart saving account application that has all the features a saver could need, such as your very own personalised portfolio. The platform allows users to compare and add and access all your saving and interest-bearing accounts within one platform, compare highest rates across different types of saving accounts, and watchlist for users to view updates on saving accounts they have an interest in and added to the watchlist. All that, plus much more, makes Intellisaving the best app for finance management.

  6. Shop around before booking your holiday

    Travel companies offer different deals; some have more affordable deals than others, some also allow you to pay monthly if you are not able to pay for your holiday in one go, such as Global travel experts which Intellisaving briefly interviewed

Tips for saving when a holiday is booked:

  1. Take out travel insurance

    Travelling abroad can be a wondrous adventure but can also come with risks, such as getting injured or unexpectedly sick. Therefore, taking out travel insurance if anything goes wrong should hopefully help keep you covered, as falling unwell or injuring yourself whilst on holiday without insurance could be a costly affair.

  2. Download free travel apps

    Google translate is ideal for translating text by translating text that you have photographed; it can also translate menus and product labels in stores.

  3. Google maps

    Google map also enables users to download maps of the area you will be in before you get there, so you will have access to maps without having to access your data once you get there.

  4. UK Health Insurance Card

    The UK European Health Insurance Card (UK EHIC) is for those who are eligible under the Brexit withdrawal agreement, and the UK Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC) are two types of cover that can be beneficial for emergency treatment and A&E trips, treatment and routine care for pre-existing and long-term conditions. However, neither cover is a replacement for travel insurance.

  5. Packing smartly

    Travel abroad with Carry-on or hand luggage bags as at least one of these bags are usually allowed on the plane to be stored in the overhead bin. Rolling clothes instead of folding them can also save space in your bag so you can fit more for less

  6. Save on tours

    Tours are not always costly, especially when you know where to look, such as online or in a guidebook; in fact, you could get a guided walk by students with just a tip that needs to be given at the end

Travelling is often an adventure of a lifetime, where many travel for the escapism of the harsh realities of everyday life. A considerable part of life is about finding purpose and discovering more about ourselves and the world around us. For some travelling helps them find themselves and discover their limits, strengths, and weaknesses. Going abroad, even if for a short holiday, is a healthy habit, as being around the same surroundings every day can be tedious. Saving for travelling is a valuable investment to make, and by following the steps in the guide and having an app for saving such as Intellisaving, you will hopefully be closer to having a travelling experience like no other. What are you waiting for? There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered.

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